Danniel Maio for Queens Boro President

I live in New York City. I am not symptomatic enough to get tested. I have not traveled outside of NYC since August last year, and I have not experienced fever, fatigue, nor shortness of breath.

Until then, please consider this read as a concerned son and husband who wants to protect his 85-year-old mother and his 45-year-old wife. In the past, when I catch a cold or flu from someone, it usually takes me about 6 to 8 days to recover. It has been nearly 4 years since my last occurrence.

First case tested positive in New York State, March 1st

President Trump signed Coronavirus Preparedness Act, 2020

March 7, Saturday morning, Day 1: 12 cases in NYC. I breathed in a strong cloud of germs while riding Q53 SelectBus leaving Queens Mall. I was not wearing a mask. I tried to control my breathing to reduce intake. The trip was about 8 minutes until Metropolitan Ave. Normally, my body would fight off germs. Or, if I got infected, symptoms would show up in about 2 to 3 days.

March 8, Sunday, Day 2: 14 cases in NYC. Normal.

Toilet paper panic

March 9, Monday, Day 3: 25 cases in NYC. Sensed that germs were in my throat. Started reading about the virus and any first person stories. Very little was available.

About the virus

March 10, Tueday, Day 4: 32 cases in NYC. Felt that the germs have grown and expanded. Decided to tell my mother and wife of the Saturday incident. Expecting it may be corona virus, my wife bought hand sanitizers, masks, alcohol online even at a premium. I told my mother that I will stay away from the kitchen and rooms she frequents. My wife separated my towels, and asked me not to do tasks I normally do for her.

On cleaning

March 11, Wednesday, Day 5: 53 cases in NYC. Woke up feeling normal. Felt great that I don't have the expected symptoms. Went to Quest for a scheduled blood test. Asked about corona virus testing. Was told that I need a doctor's prescription. I would then be swabbed, and the swabs would need to be mailed in to lab. Bought an extra thermometer so I won't share my wife's. Tested at 98.2º. Mother canceled a family get together this weekend.

St. Patrick's Day Parade postponed!

March 12, Thursday, Day 6: 88 cases in NYC. Separated areas in house that I use, and avoid places where frequented by mother and wife. Started sleeping in guest room and cleaning hands and places that I may leave some virus.

Mayor de Blasio declared a State of Emergency

March 13, Friday evening, Day 7: 137 cases in NYC. Felt sore muscle. No cough. Throat a bit sore. Felt fever coming. Temperature 98.7º.

Gov. Cuomo restricted mass gatherings which shut down Broadway.

March 14, Saturday, Day 8: 185 cases in NYC. Felt surface sores on left index finger and right elbow. Did not last long. Temperature 97.8º. Felt germ at upper right lung. First diarrhea. Throat sensitive to coughing.

Churches closed. So did mine.

March 15, Sunday, Day 9: 269 cases in NYC. A bit of runny nose. Stomach not feeling well. A few dry coughs. The lump in right lung harden. Deep breaths. Feeling tired, briefly. Back muscle sored. Canceled upcoming appointments. Temperature 98.0º.

Mayor de Blasio closed NYC Public Schools.

March 16, Monday, Day 10: 464 cases in NYC. Feeling normal. Lump in lung not as hard. Throat itchy. No fever. Left arm sore a bit. Went to drug store. Noticed that cough and cold medicine was cleared out. Diarrhea #2. Temperature 97.6º.

NYC shut gyms, food establishments, movie theaters, clubs...

March 17, Tuesday, Day 11: 923 cases in NYC. Sore left leg. Right calf sore. All lasted a few minutes. Temperature 97.5º.

Macy's, Bloomingdales's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus closed for 2 weeks

March 18, Wednesday, Day 12: 2,009 cases in NYC. Have I recovered? Don't know. Temperature 97.7º.

President Trump signed Families First Coronavirus Response Act

March 19, Thursday, Day 13: 3,954 cases in NYC. I can still feel the virus within me. Slight headache and runny nose.

California locked down

March 20, Friday, Day 14: 5,683 cases in NYC. Sore twitching below left arm muscle. Virus in left upper lung. I can still feel it in my throat. Temperature 98.2º.

FEMA Disaster Declaration for New York

March 21, Saturday, Day 15: 8,115 cases in NYC. Virus felt at right lower lobe of lung. Upper lungs feeling slight burning feeling. No cough. No fever.

Non-essential services to pause Sunday

March 22, Sunday, Day 16: 10,764 cases in NYC. Went for a 5-mile jog. Felt minor throat burning due to an hour of huffing and puffing. Virus blob felt in left middle lung.

New York magazine, Coronavirus Updates

March 23, Monday, Day 17: 13,119 cases in NYC. It rained most of the day. Left leg sored. Read that temporary loss of smell, taste, even hearing are possible signs. Had none of those. Temperature 98.4º.

Social distancing MTA bus style

March 24, Tuesday, Day 18: 15,597 cases in NYC. Canceled participation in a group meeting as a precaution. Diarrhea #3. Temperature 98.4º.

Queens Borough has the most number of cases in NYC.

March 25, Wednesday, Day 19: 20,011 cases in NYC. Felt lump in left middle lung. Slight pinching pain in that area. Breathed in virus occasionally when riding bus and subway. Sensitive to anyone who coughs.

55% of the cases tested positive are under the age of 50

March 26, Thursday, Day 20: 23,112 cases in NYC. Did some in-house painting to pass some time. Left lung felt itchy. Temperature 98.6º.

USA has passed China as the country with the most cases

March 27, Friday, Day 21: 26,697 cases in NYC. Started to cough, dry. Pinched right leg and right thumb. Lung warm. Temperature 98.1º.

Trump signed $2.2T economic relief package

March 28, Saturday, Day 22: 30,765 cases in NYC. Felt virus at back of throat. Right lung a bit heavy. Pinched nerve below right collar bone. CityMed said testing is only available if ordered by physician.

Social distancing at CVS, Queens Boulevard

March 29, Sunday, Day 23: 33,474 cases in NYC. I got a few more nerve pinchings on the left side. Sore throat, but no coughs. Napped 2 hours.

Path of coronavirus and its mutation

Be honest with your body and family.
Share your concerns with your love ones!
The virus spreads easily, and stays in host a long time.